Women's Outdoor

Women's outdoor

Joya Outdoor Shoes

Our Joya outdoor shoes accompany you comfortably, safely and breathable during any outdoor activities. Whether «Montana» and «Bliss» for women or «Altai» and «Santiago» for men - Joya outdoor shoes have something for everyone. The sole technology optimally combines softness and stability and thus provides relief when walking and standing. In addition, high-quality, functional materials and a breathable, water-repellent membrane promise exceptional outdoor adventures!

The next adventure can come

The backpack is ready and provisions are packed - all that's missing are the matching Joya shoes for your next trip! The soft-elastic sole absorbs shocks, ensures optimal pressure distribution and relieves your joints. In terms of color, the sporty outdoor models are kept in subtle tones with colored accents, providing an eye-catcher. This makes them easy to combine and you don't have to worry about your outfit at all.

If you're looking for similar shoes for the extra comfort while training, take a look at the Joya Walking models.